196 lb

average male weight

ego not included


156 lb

average female weight

although one spoken sentence hits like a ton of bricks


20 lb

unsaid words,

searing, left in your throat


10 lb

It won’t happen again”

guns for vocal chords


40 lb

a dead car battery


25 lb

for every bullet he left inside her spirit


a scale says 167 pounds

body mass measured

heavy heart unaccounted


19.30 g

roughly the weight of a wedding ring

she’s seen three removed from three different fingers


1.5 g

enough for six rotations

enough to feel zero


1.5 oz

enough for a shot

take six to feel a hundred


10 million tons

the weight of a star


10 million tons

the thought of her


we are loaded










the weight we carry is not the

numbers on the scale

we are much more than the pounds we gain

the aches that we hold

the tears that did not fall


living with a hallowed heart does not make it any less heavier


these light words were not meant for these paper limbs

gravity could care less


we are pressured



until broken



built strong

lasts shortly

bulldozed by just one fallowed swoop

we are demolished


you could build your vessel as ravenous and as merciless as you can

only to be held down by the world

we are defied






we are


This poem is very very short and small to me, but it carries a lot of… weight


But I did write this after going on this really really funny date last night. Things were going well, but got SUPER HEAVY during the end out of nowhere and while she was talking about her feelings about her past, I wanted to say to her

“Just cause we carry weight with us, it doesn’t mean it should hold us down.”

But I never did. The date ended with me dropping her off at her house and then I went to smoke with my friends Matt and Ajay shortly afterward lol.

This poem describes the weights we carry with us along life. But although it weighs us down, it should not defy us or tell us what we are because we are much more than just the flesh and bone we came with into this world. We are much more.

– Chris

Two Hearts In love Need No Words

1. I was once a boy who believed in words dipped in magic
2. Carefully coated with sugar
3. From a distance, they shimmered
whispered fog in its wake
surgically dipped into your heart at hummingbird speed
these sweet tender words were easy to swallow
however leaves a burning hole in your chest once it finds shelter in your body.
4. Even though your lips produced sweet words
I could never get the sour taste out of my mouth
The most you could have done was give me something to wash it down with:
5. the leftover tears in Adele’s eyes
above Wedgefield’s polluted night sky
somewhere in the middle of an empty field inside his pickup truck
between the words I’m and Sorry
the cleanest and most deceitful of them all
6. I doubted every word.
7. I never cared much for the empty spaces between the lines of college-ruled paper
They are only meant to be filled with even emptier phrases
If I could, I wouldn’t fill in any spaces in the time we were together
8. It would only make our story much more incredulous
9. Adding more would make us less real.
10. Two hearts in love need no words
but in reality, you did most of the talking
11. The dirty blanket of faith
is a cocoon of words shared only between you and him.
12. We, however, were alien to this Earth
13. We dissolved amongst the shadows of light
produced from lampposts, only to be thrown back into the light
whether or not you wanted to show me who you really were
You always fancied yourself in artificial lighting compared to natural lighting
Fearing the natural light would show the colors you only kept to yourself.
14. Lovebug ran to each light as quickly as he could
for these lampposts can only cover so much of the unknown
We’ll be together forever
He ran to each one until he was alone
Until he couldn’t find himself
15. Each shadow that was passed before can be seen, traced
however his new reflection is indiscernible
16. You can try your hardest to look into dry puddles
only to find something that is not so concrete.
17. The only words worth believing in are the ones that are burnt slowly afterward
18. Entre deux coeurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles.
19. But no matter how much the lampposts grow taller,
or how the spaces between ruled-paper continue to dance, the word
20. love will always be the easiest word to swallow
but the hardest to digest once it rots in the thick of your stomach.


Alright, so for this poem my professor handed us a numbered outline that described what each sort of verse or couplet should contain. It looked a bit like:

1. Must contain a metaphor

2. Write a line that seems impossible

3. Write a line for each of the five senses

and so on, and so forth.

This poem handles with the way we swallow/hear words and how people and time seem to change it. It stems a lot from my other piece The Definition of Us, but this piece is much more… bitter.

I wish I could have gotten the complete listing of the poem structure, but these poems are called “Just Let It Go” poems, where it’s not so much the content is theme, but just letting go and just writing something off the top of your head is the main reason why as to why these poems are written the way they are.