196 lb

average male weight

ego not included


156 lb

average female weight

although one spoken sentence hits like a ton of bricks


20 lb

unsaid words,

searing, left in your throat


10 lb

It won’t happen again”

guns for vocal chords


40 lb

a dead car battery


25 lb

for every bullet he left inside her spirit


a scale says 167 pounds

body mass measured

heavy heart unaccounted


19.30 g

roughly the weight of a wedding ring

she’s seen three removed from three different fingers


1.5 g

enough for six rotations

enough to feel zero


1.5 oz

enough for a shot

take six to feel a hundred


10 million tons

the weight of a star


10 million tons

the thought of her


we are loaded










the weight we carry is not the

numbers on the scale

we are much more than the pounds we gain

the aches that we hold

the tears that did not fall


living with a hallowed heart does not make it any less heavier


these light words were not meant for these paper limbs

gravity could care less


we are pressured



until broken



built strong

lasts shortly

bulldozed by just one fallowed swoop

we are demolished


you could build your vessel as ravenous and as merciless as you can

only to be held down by the world

we are defied






we are


This poem is very very short and small to me, but it carries a lot of… weight


But I did write this after going on this really really funny date last night. Things were going well, but got SUPER HEAVY during the end out of nowhere and while she was talking about her feelings about her past, I wanted to say to her

“Just cause we carry weight with us, it doesn’t mean it should hold us down.”

But I never did. The date ended with me dropping her off at her house and then I went to smoke with my friends Matt and Ajay shortly afterward lol.

This poem describes the weights we carry with us along life. But although it weighs us down, it should not defy us or tell us what we are because we are much more than just the flesh and bone we came with into this world. We are much more.

– Chris


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