The Heart

The heart pumps

beats, fast and slow

opens, to the wrong people

closes, to the people who open their hearts to you

The heart is flexible,





however, breaks the easiest

it is fragile, flammable, soluble, and ferocious

a heart is loud

blinding, deafening, screeching noise

it reverberates to support

however falls with just one fallowed swoop

one sentence

one blink

one touch

a heartbeat is an echo

a prayer

a mother’s wish

a signal to every corner of your veins

a heart travels to all, but only reaches to a few

it engages with no remorse

no regret

if only we could stop listening to it

life would be easier to live

but to live without a heart, is to die with a heavy soul

your heart is a lighthouse

a pulsating light

flickering off in the distance

thrown against the fog

billowing in the unknown

its visible


even when you think otherwise

it’s within grasp for anyone who wants it

it matters

it’s yours


This poem was for my Poetry class. It was described as a Definition Poem, and the guidelines that posted was as following:

Choose an ordinary object, such as a door, then make up a list of functions for that object. Try to select functions that lend a symbolic meaning or quality to the object. For example, a door opens, closes, locks, blocks the view, separates inside from outside, etc. When you have created the list, begin the poem with the object and the follow that with a series of functions selected from your original list. Select functions with an eye toward some larger insight or them

Most of this poem comes from another short essay that I was working on entitled Lighthouse Heart that I have scrapped :/
This describes how the heart is many things. It can be looked at as many ways to many people, but in the end the most important thing is that it is yours. You should take care of it, but at the same time you have to put it into peril in order to live entirely.

– Chris


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